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Aurora Flight Sciences

Aurora Flight Sciences was in the early stages of designing a commercial X-plane and needed a way to make its next funding proposal stand out. Its engineers teamed up with Syntropy to illustrate the benefits and functionality of its innovative design.


Aurora Flight Sciences was in the early stages of designing a commercial X-plane and needed a way to make its next funding proposal stand out. Having rethought and redesigned nearly every aspect of traditional passenger aircraft engineering, to maximize efficiency and minimize operating costs, AFS needed to communicate the science and beauty of its approach with a simple, elegant, and budget-conscious solution.

Photorealistic 3D Imagery

Syntropy first worked with Aurora Flight Sciences to transform basic CAD models into photorealistic 3D images of the aircraft, for use in marketing and business development materials. We then programmed our 3D model into an interactive environment that allowed users to take a 3D tour of the exterior and interior of the craft. Finally, we developed targeted print collatoral for the business development team that featured detailed infographics and images.


We had a terrific relationship with Aurora Flight Science’s engineers from the beginning. The challenge was to visualize an aircraft a decade before it would come to market, based on simple wind tunnel models designed by its R&D team. Key to our process was our ability to collaborate with their team in delivering iterations to steadily develop the look, feel, and design of the airframe render. Our animators could speak their engineering language, and an iterative delivery process allowed for greater efficiency and client involvement throughout the relationship.

There is no substitute for doing things the right way the first time. From the beginning we took the time to not only deliver amazing media solutions for Aurora Flight Sciences but also to truly understand the company and its diverse product offerings.”

Scott Slack - Syntropy Director and Producer

Every deliverable built trust between our teams, and each project gave us a holistic understanding of the D8 mission and AFS as a whole.

Business Development Materials

Sytropy’s 3D models and print collateral played an important role in helping Aurora Flight Sciences secure significant funding from NASA to continue the D8 project.

The Syntropy team was able to blend technical and artistic requirements in a way that met visual objectives, but stayed true to the technical realities of the vehicle. The turnaround times were amazing, and the way we worked iteratively was crucial to developing a great product. Since we are engineers, it’s hard to know or even articulate exactly what we want from an artistic point of view, and Syntropy helped turn our vague directions into a great product.”

Brian Yutko, Aircraft Systems Research Lead Aurora Flight Sciences

Photorealistic 3D Imagery

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