3D Animation Services

Syntropy is a 3D animation studio that delivers powerful presentations reinforced by strategic messaging, scientific expertise, and stunning visuals. Our team of about 50 award-winning animators, certified engineers, and in-house physicians blend scientific accuracy and artistic creativity to develop animations for business development and strategic communication.

Whether you’re trying to demonstrate a product or service, secure your next aerospace contract, demonstrate your drug’s mechanism of action, highlight the function of a medical device, or simply reinforce your communication strategy with an incredible, visual story - Syntropy can help. Scroll down and learn how.

Engineering Animation

We’ve worked with engineering companies in aerospace, transportation, architecture, information technology, manufacturing, and mechanical engineering to visualize innovation for the purpose of strategic business development.

Pharmaceutical Animation

In healthcare, we’ve worked with a wide range of pharmaceutical companies to help explain chemical properties of drugs, mechanism of action, therapeutic value, and their effects on living organisms.

Information Technology Animation

Imagining data can be impossible unless you’re a computer, or unless it’s computer animated. We helped PK Ware explain its newest cybersecurity software using high-energy animation with an informative voice-over.

Medical Device Animation

We also help medical device manufacturers demonstrate the way their product’s function in the treatment of patients. We can digitally replicate any object, product, or device, and animate how it works with precision accuracy and stunning 3D elegance.

"We wanted to give medical design engineers and other attendees a no-nonsense, quick-hit illustration of how our products work, and animation accomplishes that in a way no other kind of media can. For instance, by watching the sequence that depicts the Bal Conn’s application in pacemakers, neurostimulation and sensing devices, you experience a view of the working connectors that doctors don’t even get to see. It’s really amazing.”"

Mark Russell, Senior Bal Seal Global Market Manager at Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.

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