Medical Animation Studio

Syntropy is a full-service medical animation studio made up of award-winning artists and in-house doctors who develop visual communication tools for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare industries.

Animation is one of the most effective ways to show a drug’s mechanism of action, demonstrate the functionality of a medical device, or simplify a complex healthcare procedure. Studies show that visual communication improves comprehension of complex ideas, enhances long-term memory of a message, and reinforces credibility more effectively than verbal or written communication tools.

Pharmaceutical Animation

When Innovative Med Concepts needed help demonstrating its drug’s mechanism of action to investors and doctors, it asked Syntropy to deliver a medical animation that would show exactly how its medicine stops the replication of a virus.

The animation helped Innovative Med Concepts attain “Fast Track” designation by the FDA for its new drug, which gave it greater access to, and more frequent communications with, the FDA throughout the drug development or review process. They are now allowed to submit New Drug Applications (NDAs) on a rolling basis. Contact us to learn more about our medical animation services.

Medical Device Animation

We also help medical device manufacturers demonstrate the way their product’s function in the treatment of patients. We can digitally replicate any object, product, or device, and animate how it works with precision accuracy and stunning 3D elegance.

We produced this animation series for Bal Seal Engineering, Inc., to help demonstrate its patented component hardware inside these medical devices. The video is now used, among others we produced, to demonstrate its product to buyers nationwide.

Trade Show Medical Animations

The University of Maryland needed an animation to help educators visualize where and how the brain reacts to pain and addiction. We produced the following animation that was showcased at a major neuroscience convention.

We needed to procure graphic visuals to convey scientific information at a school-wide neuroscience conference. Syntropy created a graphic visualization that far exceeded what we were hoping for, delivering the work well ahead of the deadline and even allowing us to make last-minute changes—and always with a pleasant, cooperative demeanor. The team was fantastic, professional, and willing to work with maddening regulations. Several people congratulated me on the production, and the esteemed keynote speaker of our conference even asked if he could purchase a license to use it! It most certainly was the highlight of the day, and made us look great."

Annabelle M. Belcher Ph. D, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Maryland

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